Monday, August 5, 2013


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Challenge #5 Optimism....

inspires, energizes, and brings out our best.
It points the mind towards possibilities and
helps us think creatively past problems.
~Price Pritchett~

Loving the cute little chick with it's help from the balloon to fly... 
colored with copics (and I was busy doing my gel nails and needed to color some images... so with my left hand 'free' I colored the image - not bad for my left hand...LOL)
then placed on a color block DP with matching flags and flowers...
the quote is from Lisa D of PoP & Decosses Dynamite Doodle's

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Life Goes On...
I've had some time off (usual in my work schedule) so it's been nice to just be... spend some time for me and stay in my studio for most of the day.  I've been busy creating more digital images so that in itself is very therapeutic.  I have a Bamboo drawing tablet (that Boyd bought for me) and I'm LOVING it!  It has sped up my drawings three-fold.
Oh, and the update on our Babe hummingbird... well... Babe was busy in it's next, spreading and trying out it's wings, cleaning & poking its beak everywhere... very active... so we were thinking it will be time soon for Babe to leave the nest.  We had a bad wind storm last night and Babe was getting tossed about pretty crazily and almost came out of the nest.  In our wish to help Babe out, Boyd went outside and wanted to secure the nest/wind chime base down as much as possible to help the tossing of Babe.  He got everything set up and came close to the nest and Babe flew off... oh no!!!!  Babe had always 'froze' when I came out to talk to him/her and Boyd & I thought Babe would do the same even in the windy conditions.  Babe flew away and across we hope to the neighbors roof or tree.  Mom Hummingbird came by to feed and look for Babe twice and Babe didn't return.  We hope that Babe has survived its first day.  We'll see how many hummingbirds show up at the feeder...  Boyd was so sad as all he was trying to do was help and I was sad and sad for him...I knew one day Babe would fly away, although I had hoped I would have gained its or Mom's trust enough to feed from my handheld nectar container.  Maybe next time...
We can finally compile the photo collection in the next day or so...
Life does indeed go on...

My thought for the day...

Never look back unless you're planning on going that way...


ike said...

Super card and love the colours..... sorry mine has kinda' come out the same :-( !!!

So sorry about Babe - I hope it comes back. That is really sad when you were only trying to help :-(

IKE xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Path of Positivity said...

Goodness gracious. You colour better left handed than I do half the time with my right one! Love your colour choices and layout and those nifty flags as well. You've used one of my favourite images from FBD. This chick screams Optimism to me!

I'm so happy that you are part of our team and are walking this journey alongside me.

I am also happy to see that you are getting some time to just be--sometimes it is in the stillness that we heal the most.

Oh no, Boyd must be beating himself up but he shouldn't as his intentions were pure of heart. I hope that Babe reappears or that at least Momma finds him/her, or if not he/she has a wonderful hummingbird life out there in the real world.


Angelique said...

Beautiful colouring, Great lo.
Thank you for joining us at 613 Avenue Create

Huggsss, Angelique

Chana said...

Love your project! Nice design perfectly executed! Thanks for dropping this off by our house at 613 Avenue Create! We look forward to your next visit.
Chana, Owner

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