Monday, February 6, 2012

Items for Sale..

This is my Breast Cancer Bangle bracelet - not sure whom it will go to but I have made it anyways. 
I am in the habit of creating things & then storing them for the 'right' person... I love the little pink ribbon beads...

Purchase Pink BC Bangle Bracelet $25.00
(see listing at bottom)


Its a beading kinda time for me right now... I call this set 
Blue Crush...
It is a long pendant style with hammered silver accents with blue glass, 
the bracelet is all hammered silver and easy
elegant silver hoop earrings...
It just sparkles...

Purchase Blue Crush set complete $45.00
(see list at bottom)


I am loving the silk tied sets... this one is called
Green Silk Stones...
I love the delicate nature of the set with the hand knotted silk cording with the stones along the necklace & pendant accent.  
I used a 14ct gold hoop set for the earrings 

Purchase  Green Silk Stones  complete set for $45.00
(see list at bottom)


Here is another set...

This one is 
Purple Haze... 
again the hand knotted silk cording 
with satin silver & purples beads with a little glass accents...
cute matching earrings...

Purchase the complete set for $45.00


Ooooh... another set ...
Purple Moon... 
lots of purple, glass & crystals, 
a double necklace pendant with matching 
bracelet & earrings....

Purchase  Purple Moon  complete set for $45.00
(see list at bottom)


Purchase Pink BC Bangle Bracelet $25.00

Purchase Blue Crush set complete $45.00

Purchase  Green Silk Stones  complete set for $45.00

Purchase  Purple Moon  complete set for $45.00

1 comment:

Jennifer said...

These are all incredible- I absolutely love the Blue Crush set!

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