Monday, August 1, 2011

Ahhhh... Dragonflies

Dragonflies by Laurelea Images

Ahhhh... Dragonflies - something about them always calms me - maybe its the relationship to my Mom.  It is with them that I see a world of beauty.  I have been always visited by dragonflies - even on holidays in tropical climates...and always, it's "Hi Mom!"

Boyd & I laugh well Boyd teases me about how many dragonflies we or should I say "I" have around the house (inside & out) I think "I" am numbering over 200... eeeek!  :)

So the agreement is that I don't purchase any more - but... if I receive them as gifts...  LOL

Enjoy this latest set of Dragonflies to my collection - this is a photo taken by Lori of Laurelea Images where you can see some of her other photo prints available for purchase.  

Have an awesome day...
   ...dragonfly dreams...

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