Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Make your own Shimmer Mist by Kelly!

Make Your Own Shimmery Mist by Kelly!  Thanks Kelly! Check out her blog http://ideasforscrapbookers.blogspot.com/

Have you ever wanted to use those great shimmery mists that are on the market, but your budget said “no?” Let me show you one method of making your own mist!

· Small spray bottle (NOTE: Ranger’s Mini Mister is shown here.)
· Water
· 91% Rubbing alcohol
· Re-inker (alcohol or regular)
· Small amount (about 1/8 teaspoon) mica powder

  • Perfect pearls, which has a binder; when it comes in contact with water, it fuses it onto the surface OR
  • PearlEx, which works best if heated after application.
I’ve used both successfully!
· Some type of small “scoop” for the powder (Small scissors are used here.)


1. This doesn’t have to be an exact science! Have fun! Mix (approximately) equal parts rubbing alcohol and water in the spray bottle up to about 1/2” from the top. This will leave room to shake the mixture!
2. Scoop up about 1/8 teaspoon of the mica powder and add it to the bottle. A little goes a long way.

3. Add in about 8 or 9 drops of re-inker. Combine colors if you want! Or, leave the color out. You will still have an opaque shimmery spray.
4. Shake the bottle!!
5. Ready for use! Spray holding bottle about 6-8" from your paper.

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