Tuesday, May 10, 2011

25 Things About Me..

1) I thought this was a good idea...at the time! LOL
2) I'm incredibly in love with Boyd :)
3) I love my dog - Ali
4) I was very shy as a kid...
5) I wish I was a wee bit taller...
6) It takes me awhile to make friends, I've gotta feel the trust.
7) I have a wee wild streak that rears itself every once in awhile (really I do...)
8) I'm not sure what "being a grown-up" is supposed to mean. I don't feel my age - am I supposed to be "grown-up" at my age?
9) I love purple and green!
10) I do dye my hair to cover the grey; I like gel nails, love long eyelashes
11) I would NEVER wear pantyhose. Stockings only.
12) I'm into buying more high heel shoes and stilettos. See #11.
13) I love being home; and I love being on our motorbike.
14) I have worked in the career I thought I would be when I was growing up.
15) I'd like to think that we can become a more tolerant & compassionate society.
16) I am always in awe of Boyd's graphic arts talents!
17) I do miss my mom...
18) All of our dogs have been named after athletes.
19) I believe in karma.
20) I'd like to think of myself as creative.
21) I'd like to try new things; like zip-line trekking, going new places. I think stretching your mind is a good thing. Definitely that is something that I have to do more of!
22) I think there is good in everyone, creativity in some shape or form in everyone.
23) I look forward to see what the universe unfolds before me...
24) I believe the best mind-altering drug is truth.
25) I believe that true passion for life comes from being able to be in awe of everything that is around us. Live with Passion.

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